Join the Class!

Sign up for our easy, affordable online Hindi class for kids. The classes teach children conversational Hindi that based on situations they will encounter every day. The video-based classes use worksheets, games and activities to make the class fun.

What’s more is — children will learn on their own through videos and tutorials.

All parents need to do is follow along with our handy “Parent Practice Sheets.”

What will they learn?

  • Grandparent-Approved Conversation – conversation topics that would come up in real life conversation with your child’s Dadi or Nani.

    • E.g. How are you? Where do you live? What are you doing? 

  • Useful Vocabulary – including colors, numbers, verbs, opposites, everyday items — and more.

  • Introducing Themselves – They will be able to describe everything about themselves, including features, name age, etc.

  • Describing Others – Describe their friends and family.

  • Advanced Sentences – What they (and others) are doing. Includes past & present tense.