I teach online Hindi courses for kids — with proven results.

My syllabus was created after 6+ years of working with kids across the US, and experience working with Disney’s first learning brand, Barbie and Hot Wheels.

I have countless students who started as pure Hindi beginners and now are able to have conversations with grandparents — make jokes and tell stories.

I specialize in:

  • 2nd to 3rd gen. Indian kids living outside of India — who mostly speak English at home.

  • Busy parents who want Hindi learning material for their kids.

  • Multi-cultural families who want their child to stay connected to their Indian roots.

Why teach kids Hindi? So they can:

1). Have REAL meaningful conversations with family (and talk their ear off instead of yours)!

2). Appreciate being Indian without the language barrierThey can read or watch movies like DDLJ and actually get it!

3). Learn a new language that helps them understand their roots.